Call For Papers!

We are seeking presenters of non-company specific, technical, industrial and automation related presentations to be given during the MHIAC.

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"Dear Executive Committee,
Thank you all very much for inviting me to speak at MHIAC. Your staff was organized and attentive, and as a result the show was a success. I was pleased to have an energetic 30+ people attend my presentation, and look forward to a repeat experience next year."

Charlie Bachman
Sales Manager, Oil & Gas Industry
SunWize Technologies, Inc.

"Thank you for the opportunity to speak at the MHIAC Conference. I enjoyed some lively discussions with members of the audience after my presentation; I hope they all found it of value."

PE "Pat" Patterson, PhD, PE, CPE
Chair - Department of Industrial Engineering
Texas Tech University

Date/Time Status
Tuesday, April 17th: 8:30amExhibit Hall Open
Tuesday, April 17th: 6:00pmExhibit Hall Closed
Wednesday, April 18th: 8:30amExhibit Hall Open
Thursday, April 18th: 4:00pmExhibit Hall Closed

Below is the link to the 2012 4th Annual MHIAC Presentation Schedule:

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MHIAC Exhibitor Floor Layout